Supermodel for a Day

I am often asked if I offer photoshoots to, for lack of a better word, ordinary people. While I do a lot of work with professional models, actors and pageant girls, a large portion of my work involves people who just want to have some fun and try something new. For more information on this type of shoot, click HERE.

The images below are from a recent shoot I had with a beautiful professional woman (not model) who hadn’t had professional images taken since her senior portrait. For her birthday, her husband wanted to treat her to a photoshoot. She wanted an editorial fashion type shoot. I’m using her shoot as an example because she did everything right and the shoot went very well. The key to a successful shoot of this type is preparation. I need to have an idea of your expectations prior to the shoot so I can deliver what you want. The model contacted me over a month before her shoot and had sent me image ideas that she had found while looking through various fashion magazines. The images were both hair/makeup and posing ideas. She arrived at the studio with plenty of outfits and lots of ideas. She even brought hair extensions that the hair stylist put in for her. The results, one very happy client and husband. Please enjoy the results.

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