The West Calls to Me

If there is a place on Earth where I feel I truly belong, it is out west. The vastness of the sky and the ruggedness of the terrain call to me. I could spend a lifetime exploring the mountains and deserts, hiking and biking the endless trails, and just sitting and absorbing the beauty of God’s creation. It is my ‘happy’ place.

Many people believe in previous lives. If I had a previous life there are two thing of which I am certain. First is that I was married to the same wonderful girl who keeps me around and second that we lived somewhere out west. Maybe we were pioneers or settlers, who knows, but there is no doubt that the west was our home. Perhaps we will return there to live in this lifetime, but we surely will be back to visit. My wife and I have talked many times about selling everything we own, buying an RV and spending a couple years touring the western states. Maybe it’s just a romantic dream, but you just never know.

Our travels have taken us to many breathtaking places and I have captured a lifetime worth of memories with my camera. Please enjoy some of my favorite images from my favorite places. The photos below include scenes from Death Valley, Moab, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park and the Utah desert. I have thousands more that I will share as time allows.

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