January 28, 2011 | Emily Armstrong

If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time you know that I’m a sucker for a great smile. Today’s featured image sums up for me why I do this. If looking at this picture doesn’t turn up the corners of your mouth a little, you’ve got issues.

The image was taken at the end of a very long day of shooting wedding gowns. We had been at three locations over eight hours and everyone was getting a bit tired. We were shooting at a bridal shop when I took this image. The lighting in the shop wasn’t ideal so I had been shooting with some strobes that I brought with me. My transmitters had failed me but fortunately a had an f/1.2 lens with me so I pushed on for a few more images with only available light. I’m glad that I did.

By now you may recognize Emily. There are a few images of her on this site. She had been with us the entire day and like the rest of us was getting tired and a bit punchy. This image comes from a series of out-takes were she got a bit silly, started making faces and was just being herself. But sometimes the out-takes are the best images. This one is reason number xxxx why we love Em so much. I hope that this brings a smile to your face today! Enjoy!

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