Angela Jennings | March 2011

Angela was back in the studio for more portfolio work recently. It’s always great to have her around. She’s a lot of fun to work with especially when she brings her little girl Skyler along. This time she brought her sister Ashley along to do hair and makeup. We shot a variety of looks from fashion to swimwear to lingerie. We shot some of the images in the studio taking advantage of the natural light by the large windows, and then we walked up and down North Davidson. It was a busy Saturday and Angela drew just a bit of attention on the street! I even think we made the fire department’s day as we walked past! Even Skyler got in on the photoshoot… she’s such a cutie! I just love the picture of Skyler with her doll with the wonky eye! The matching dresses are too much!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the photoshoot!


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