Emily’s Picture Appears on Showtime’s Homeland Series!!

Yes, I know you’ve seen this image before. But not on television!!

I’ve never needed much of an excuse to post about Emily. Today is no exception. Last June Mari and I were in a hotel in Las Vegas and my phone rang at 6:30 AM. The person on the other line introduced himself as a producer with Showtime’s Homeland series. They had contacted me a couple times previously, thinking that I was an agency and wanted me to submit models for casting so I was about to go into the “I’m a photographer” spiel but he started talking about this image that they had seen on my website of a girl in a leather jacket ┬áthat they wanted to license for use as a still on the show. Without asking I immediately knew which image he was talking about! They sent me a mock-up of how they wanted to use the image and we struck a deal!

Last night Mari and I were watching Episode 2 of Homeland and BAM!! There was Emily!! The image was only on for a few seconds but it was clear and easily recognized! It was pretty exciting to have one of my images on a TV series and it was even more rewarding that it was one of Emily!

So here it is again! ENJOY!