Designer Emily Morgen | Fall 2010

This past Saturday I shot Emily Morgen’s fall line at Wing Haven Gardens in Charlotte. It was a beautiful day with beautiful clothes, gorgeous models and an amazing location.

I had heard that Wing Haven presented a few lighting challenges for photographers due to the canopy of trees, so I came prepared. I packed my Hensel Porty, cords, reflectors, monolights, stands, and my trusty tripod. I figured I was ready for most any situation. It turned out that I only used my ginormous sunbounce on a stand. I did have to use a speedlight for one outfit, but other than that we were able to position the models where we could bounce sunlight on to them. Most of my equipment stayed in the car all day. All but one of the images displayed on this page were taken using only available light.

Here is a selection of images from the shoot. The images are being used on Emily’s website and her look book. Her designs are available at Charlotte boutiques — Pink Hanger, Chezelle, and Bella Ropa.

Click on any image to enlarge.

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